Referral Program

Current testers refer your friends and family to P&K Research.


Refer your friends and family to P&K Research. You will be mailed a check for each person that becomes a P&K tester and participates in a research study. All you need to do is complete the referral form and we’ll contact your friends. Once your friend (aged 18-64) participates in a study, you will receive a check for $10. Want to earn even more money?  JULY SPECIAL: EARN AN ADDITIONAL $10 FOR REFERRING A FRIEND AGES 4-17. Download the referral form by clicking the button below. Referral forms are also available at each P&K location. 

REMEMBER-The more friends and family members you refer, the more referral money you'll collect.

It's Easy!

Refer friends & family and earn cash instantly!

  • Share the great benefits of being a P&K tester with your friends and family by submitting their information to us. Please make sure to tell your referrals that P&K will be contacting them to sign up.
  • When your friend participates in their first study as a thank you for your referral, you will be mailed a check.


Let us do the work for you. Send us a list of your friend's names and phone numbers to (remember to include your name in the email) and we will do the rest.

For more information about the referral program call 800-281-3155 or email


  • Please be sure to let your referrals know we will be calling them to register them in our database and they will be contacted within 10 days
  • In order to be compensated, your referral must register with us, participate in a study, and not be a current P&K tester
  • An additional $10 will only apply for the monthly special outlined on the referral form
  • After completion of your referral’s first study, you will receive a check within 30 days. The address on your form will be the address we use to mail out checks and your account will be updated with the given address
  • For inquiries about your referral check, email a request to
  • The referral program is for current P&K Research testers only
  • We reserve the right to deny any referral payment and this program may be stopped or changed at any moment, without notice
  • 2017 referrals will no longer be paid out, effective February 1st, 2018