Terms And Conditions

Your contact information will be used only to invite you to a study or to provide information related to participating in studies at P&K Research.

Your study will be conducted under safe, controlled conditions.

Every staff member will treat you with courtesy and respect.

P&K Research cannot guarantee that you will qualify for a study when we call you, or that we will always have an opening that meets your schedule.

Each study has limited seating and deadlines. If you agree to take part, we will be expecting you. If you are running late or an emergency occurs, please call us as soon as you are able so we can try to find a replacement.

P&K Research promises to provide reliable results to its corporate clients. In order to deliver on that promise and to fairly distribute testing opportunities among its thousands of registrants, P&K Research reserves the right to deny registration, participation and payment to anybody for any of the following reasons:

  1. Attempting to get registered more than once
  2. Using a false identity, address or contact information
  3. Attempting to take part in a study to which they were not invited
  4. Behaving disruptively or rudely to our staff or other testers
  5. Not observing the rules of the study or our facility
  6. Consistent lateness or absentee-ism
  7. Giving false or conflicting information on this registration
  8. Giving false or conflicting information to any question asked over the phone, online or in person
  9. Arriving after the session has begun
  10. Appearing to be under the influence
  11. Giving off a noticeable odor

If we find any of the above reasons to be true, or for any other reason that we feel jeopardizes our obligation to our clients and other testers, we may remove your registration and the registrations of your other household members without notice or explanation.

You may withdraw your registration at any time by calling 800-281-3155.